A Rainy Day

I figured I’d make a quick portrait for day one so I grabbed my camera bag, blew the dust off and took a minute to think about what I was going to do. I thought I’d take a quick shot sitting at the computer with the blog on the screen but I ran into a couple of problems right away. The AA batteries in my flash were dead and my tripod was in my wife’s car at work. I cracked a smile thinking how appropriate it was that I should be faced with obstacles trying to make a portrait on the first day.

2014-8-23 Diagram20140823 Low Res


Our house is filled with incandescent light and it’s a gray, rainy day so my options were limited. I decided to take a photo by the big window in back where there was the most light. Working within the confines I set up on my own, this was going to have to be a selfie but taken with my Nikon and not my phone. I shot this with my D90 and the 18-55 kits lens. No flash and handheld at arm’s length. I shot at ISO 800, 1/60 and f/3.5. The resulting photo isn’t great by anyone’s standard but I made a photo today, in less than 10 minutes, working within my constraints and working through a couple of last minute obstacles. Not a bad start.


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