Back To School

I cheated today. I guess that’s kind of an ironic admission given the theme of today’s post. I had time. Not really extra time but I had a few programs I had to load onto my computer for one of my classes so I used that down time to make the shot today. I took 15 minutes instead of the 10 I promised. It’s still early in the process so I’m not feeling a lot of guilt but I am running out of time now. The programs are loaded and it’s time to get to work on some homework and I’m here banging this out. I’ll give myself a pass today and hope you will too. I have to ease back into the routine of school and homework. I’ve included a setup shot taken with my phone. I used the D90 with the kit lens at 24mm. Shot at ISO 400, 1/10th to get the ambient and f/11. In hindsight I could have gotten ISO 200 or even Low 1, but I was on the clock and panicked. Live and learn. I fired my SB600 with my cheap radio trigger although I could have gotten away with Nikon CLS. Anyway, here is Back To School, and if you’re back to school now too, good luck this semester and don’t forget to shoot something today.

2014-8-25 Low Res Edit 2014-8-25 setup


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