Down and Dirty

It’s funny, today I have more time than I would typically when school is in but felt pressed for time to make a photo. That’s one of those mental block to making photos I’m trying to overcome with this project. This anxiety that I simply don’t have enough time. My homework is done, kids are fed, everyone is doing their own thing right now and I even got a run in today. There is literally nothing else for me to do today but lounge and I felt like I didn’t have time to make a photo. But of course that’s not true, it’s all in my head.

So I went downstairs thinking while taking those 10 or so steps about what I wanted to do. I thought about a simple headshot, down and dirty…well kind of. My tripod, which you may or may not be able to tell from my setup shots only opens up to about 58″ but I’m 6′ tall. Sitting wasn’t an option in this room because at chair height, the walls have things on them all the way around. You can see my wife’s storage racks for forgotten scrap book items in the setup. That’s as uncluttered as it gets in this room. No worries, this is simply something to think around. Hey, shooting up at a slight angle gives kind of that hero/rockstar feel right? Maybe not so much in this shot but I made it work and kept the actual setup and shoot at the 10 minute mark. I did some very simple editing (contrast, clarity, vibrance) and sat down to write this. Looking at my watch I’m going to be over by about 5 minutes but that’s all from right here, sitting and typing. 

So I’ll wrap quick with this: ISO 200, 1/200th f/8 with my D90 and my 50mm 1.8. The SB600 was in a little softbox modifier which I may not have mentioned in the original post but is still cheap and easy to find. The flash was right up in my face and fired with my generic radio trigger. I like this image better than my first two and I spent the least amount of time making it. 

See you all again soon.

2014-8-30 edit 2014-8-30 setup


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